Where Do Reviews Come From?

All of your reviews will come from your customers. Simply enter the name and email address of a new customer to Revuzi, and we take over from there.

How Do I Get Reviews?

We send a friendly feedback request to your customer. If they don't respond the first time, we'll send a few reminders to encourage their participation.

How Do Reviews Get Published?

Every review is evaluated. If it's a great review, we send a follow-up message and ask them to copy/paste the review to the review sites you choose. It's easy!

What About Bad Reviews?

When a customer isn't happy, we route the message to you, so you can address the issue privately. They never see the option to publish a poor review, giving you an opportunity to fix the problem.

How Do I keep Track of Feedback?

Always know how your reputation is doing with our Reputation Monitoring Dashboard. We monitor key sites and rate your overall progress so that you can see the great results you are getting.

What's the Bottom Line?

Search engines deliver the best results by evaluating star ratings, and customers gain confidence in a business when they see great reviews. More great reviews means more customers.


Free Trial

Try it for free. Use Revuzi for 30 days, and if you are not satisfied, simply cancel and you owe nothing. If you love Revuzi (and we think you will!), you will be billed just $97 per location.


How do my customers post to my business’s review sites once a review has been created?

Revuzi will intelligently filter and offer positive feedback customers the opportunity to post their comments on one of the review sites that you have chosen to focus on.

What review sites are most important?

That actually depends on your type of business, but Google, Yelp, Kudzu, and Yahoo cannot be ignored, and they are already integrated in our system for you.

Is it possible to edit customer reviews once they post on the review sites?

No, review sites do not allow you to edit customer reviews, but you may be allowed you to respond with a comment. By responding, new potential customers can see that you are actively working with unhappy customers and may decide to choose you based on your ability to address an issue promptly.

Do you guarantee all reviews submitted will be posted to review sites?

We cannot guarantee reviews will be accepted and posted by review sites. Each has their own terms and conditions that vary with each site.

What if I don’t have any bad reviews?

That’s Great! Let’s reinforce your base of positive reviews now to help boost your local rankings. Adding more positive reviews strengthens your position so that if you ever do receive a negative review, it will have much less impact.

Can I send a coupon to positive reviewers only?

You never want to promise a reward in exchange for a review, as this violates the terms of use on many review sites. You can choose to send customers who have reviewed your business an incentive to visit again, after the fact, without claiming it is a reward for their review. Revuzi makes it easy to sort and email customers based on the ratings they gave you.

How do customer reviews help my business and rankings?

Search engines and review sites want to provide local searchers with the best business listing in their area to keep them coming back to their site. To do that they use consumer reviews as the barometer since they can’t visit every single location themselves. So the business with the most positive reviews that are real and relevant usually sees the best results.

Can you delete reviews already posted on sites?

No service can offer you that, but we offer the next best solution. Our strategy designed to provide a quick and simple solution to incentivize satisfied customers to leave reviews to help bury and offset any poor ones from your past.

Can I upload third party lists for email marketing purposes?

No. We do not allow the upload of third party lists for email marketing purposes due to the strict anti-spamming rules and regulations. Plus many of these customers will not have visited your location and are not likely to leave you positive feedback using this strategy.

Can I upload my own customer list and email them?

Yes, you may upload your customer list in the Revuzi Admin section. Uploading email lists that are not recent customers is not allowed due to anti-spam rules and regulations. Using Revuzi to send unsolicited bulk emails will result in immediate cancellation of your account.

Can I customize my feedback and incentive emails or pages?

Yes. While we provide professionally written default templates you will have the ability to customize them for your business.

Can I determine who will be notified if a negative feedback result is submitted?

Yes. You will have the option of selecting the person or people you would like immediately notified. This is set up in the Revuzi administrative area and can be changed any time.

How do my customers create reviews?

Once a customer submits a feedback survey, Revuzi will send them to a specific webpage based on the feedback rating. Negative feedback will provide a form that will go directly to the owner or dedicated manager while positive feedback directs the customer to a list of predetermined review sites to share their positive experience.

I’m already working with a marketing company.

Great. So are many of our customers. Many will use us to boost their reviews, gain customer feedback, and monitor their brand online. We don't have any 'competitors' per se, in the traditional sense because we offer a unique service. Even if you're working with another company that handles specific aspects of your marketing, we invite you to give Revuzi a trial.

Why are you giving us a 30 days trial?

We are confident that you’ll be happy with Revuzi and with our results driven approach we want you to be 100% sure. So feel free to create your account now with no obligations. All of our monthly plans include a 30 day risk free trial.

Can I download and upload my entire list customers at once?

You can upload or download multiple customer contacts at once, however we do not recommend contacting a large batch of clients at one time.

Can we set up our own templates?

Yes, you can set up email templates and incentive pages specifically built for each business location.

What happens if I ignore negative reviews?

When someone leaves a negative review, Addressing the problem is your best recourse. 70% of customers who have a resolution solved promptly will return to the same location, so if you ignore them you are missing out on “wooing” a customer back. More importantly, if a customer with a bad experience feels ignored, they are more likely to post one or more negative reviews on sites where your other customers are likely to see it, to warn them away from the possibility of a similar experience. Negative reviews should never be ignored.