This question comes up quite a bit, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer. However, there are some great examples to follow, and more than likely, one or more will fit your business.

Use Signage – If you are pretty sure you are doing a great job most of the time, there’s no reason you shouldn’t let all of your customers know that you care about your reputation. Placing a call-to-action on counters, tables, in menus, flyers, or on business cards can certainly go a long way toward getting the word out.

Add to Receipts – Many point-of-sale systems allow you to include a custom message on each receipt that is printed from your system. You can also go the extra mile by pointing out to customers that you look forward to getting feedback from each customer and that the information instructing them on how to provide it is on your receipt.

Send a Follow-Up Email – If your transactions include collecting an email address, you can send an invitation to your customers shortly after they have done business with you, requesting their feedback. This allows you to share an active link with them, that they can use to reach your feedback page.

Send a SMS Text Message – If you are using Revuzi, your feedback form, as well as all actions, are mobile-optimized. You can send a link to their phone that takes customers right to your review site.

Use a QR Code – This is just another form of getting your customer to your feedback form, by using their mobile phone to scan an image. The advantage is that the customer is usually still onsite when they leave their feedback, so if there is a concern, you may be able to address it before they leave your business.

Include In Your Newsletter – If you send regular email marketing newsletters, make sure you include a link in the footer, so that it goes out to every recipient. This way, your customers can write a review at any time.

Use Your Website – Placing a link on your website for posting feedback only takes minutes and works with any website. If your website is based on WordPress, we even have a plug-in to help you.

Just Ask – You can always politely ask customers to visit your page on any of the popular review sites and leave a review. If they had a great time, they will make the extra effort. Better yet, provide them with a card that has the link to your Revuzi feedback page, and a place to write in the name of the person that served them. You can track your employees based on the reviews they receive and reward good performance.

These are just a handful of possible suggestions that you can use. If none fit your business, let us know, and we’ll figure out the best solution for you. If you need help getting signage, cards, or adding links, we’re happy to assist by recommending a designer, service bureau, or print shop. We might even be able to handle your request ourselves, depending on what you need because your success matters to us.