It’s always a good idea to respond to reviews, both good and bad, as quickly as possible. Even if you do not discover a review until weeks, months, or years after the original publication date, it is still good to let future readers know that you’ve seen the review and addressed any potential concerns.

Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation

Target blogs and review sites specific to your business. For example, a restaurant should monitor TripAdvisor, CitySearch and Yelp, influential sites for those industries. Online businesses should monitor, and everyone should watch Google, Facebook and Twitter. Social media tracking tools can help alert you when your company name is mentioned. This will streamline your reputation management process.

Respond to everything, especially negative posts. Your response tells everyone that you are listening and that you care. Positive posts can be addressed with a simple “thank you” and “we look forward to seeing you again”.

Respond to negative posts quickly, sincerely, and consistently. Don’t get defensive; simply explain what happened, the circumstances of the event, and that you’re working to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Finally, suggest the customer give you the opportunity to serve them again. Even if they don’t, the impression left for others is positive.

Of equal importance is that you encourage, and make it easy, for happy customers to also post reviews. Let them know they play an important role in your company’s success, and that you are invested in the reputation of your business. Revuzi can provide you with a platform for making the most of your customer successes by making review sharing a simple copy/paste.